Columbus Community United Church

A welcoming Country Church in the City


The organization of our church:


Council members are appointed by the congregation and oversee all work done by church committees and its congregation.  The Minister, any assisting ministers, the director of Christian education, and a number of other congregation members form this council.  An executive is comprised of a chair, a vice-chair, an administrative assistant, a treasurer, and the standing committee chairs.


Ministry and Personnel Committee

This committee supports and confers with all members of the order of ministry, other ministerial staff, musicians, secretaries, custodians, and any other contractual personnel.  These committee members meet and communicate with the staff and members of the congregation.  They review contracts, salaries, working conditions, and any personnel concerns.


Christian Education Committee

This committee plans and guides the Christian Education program, including weekly Sunday School, Bible Study, and midweek activities.


Finance Committee

This committee oversees all matters pertaining to finances, supplies, and services.  They assess the financial requirements of the congregation and set budgets annually.



The trustees hold the property of the congregation in trust for the congregation. They are responsible to ensure that the property is maintained and properly insured.  The trustees hold and manage the invested funds from the sale of the manse.

The full description of the trustees duties and powers is found in the Manual of the United Church of Canada, Appendix II.


Worship and Music Committee

This committee supervises all music, arrangements for special services and sacraments, and the order of service, ushers, and greeters.


Membership Committee

This committee reviews and updates the roll of members and periodically updates the church archives.


Communications Committee

This committee keeps the congregation and community informed of upcoming events, current events within the Church family, and news of the work and the needs of the Church.  The committee coordinates the preparation of the “Annual Report” and the monthly newsletter.  They also coordinate the congregation’s subscriptions for the United Church Observer publication.


Building Memorial and Property Committee

This committee looks after the care, maintenance, security, and improvement of the land, buildings, and contents of Columbus Community United Church.  The committee prepares and submits proposals to Council for any capital expenses or major maintenance expenses required.


Mission and Social Outreach Committee

This committee encourages mission education and develops liaison between our congregation and many local agencies.  Through the work of this committee, and the generosity of the congregation, our Church has continued to support the United Church Mission and Service Fund.  We also support a wide range of local agencies making a difference in the lives of those around us in the Durham Region.



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Office: Mon-Fri 6:30 am - 11:30 am
Sunday Worship: 9:45 am


The Reverend Alan Rush

Office Administrator:
Darlene Peddle

Music Facilitator:
Anthony Alexander

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